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Misc. Natural Disasters

Children, Stress and Natural Disasters
A set of resources for teachers and other child-care or youth workers that helps prepare them for working with children who have been through a disaster.
FEMA for Kids The Federal Emergency Management Agency
Provides kids with information about actions that can be taken before and after disasters.
NASA: Natural Disaster Reference Database
"The Natural Disaster Reference Database (NDRD) is a bibliographic database on research, programs, and results which relate to the use of satellite remote sensing for disaster mitgation."
Natural Disaster Thematic Unit Home Page
" This document accesses information, lesson plans, and extensions related to earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Literature activities target fourth to sixth grade students. Internet resources may be of interest to students across all grade levels."
UMDL Natural Disasters
Info. on what a natural disaster is, safety tips, related links, and more.