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Miscellaneous Animal

Australian Animals A to Z.
An archive of native Australian animals.
Basking Spot
Images of Amphibians, Chelonians (tortoises), Crocodilians, Lizards and Snakes, and information on societies and organizations, publications, care and feeding of animals, events, attractions and more.
"Take a trip to the country with out stepping in the smell of the farm. Enjoy the experience from you home or school. We offer: A Live Video Feed of Our Cows 24/7 (see a calf being born, see the milking process live a 1:30pm everyday!), Online Video Filed Trips (watch the mowing and bailing hay process, ride with the milkman and many other field trip!), Live Chat With the Farmer, Ask Question on Our Message Board, Look at More Video Clips in Our Video Gallery, and View Farm Animal Photos in Our Photo Gallery."
Franklin Institute - Living things
Life science teaching resources and activities organized into the categories of: individuals, families, neighbourhoods, and the circle of life.
Seaworld fact sheet.
Grevy's zebra
Seworld fact sheet.
Hinterland Who's Who index
Describes the appearance, life history, and habits of a variety of different Canadian birds and mammals and gives suggestions for further reading. A photo and a distribution map are included. Also includes information on endangered species
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Koala pictures, information, a Koala Club, and much more. (also has info. on other Australian animals)
National Wildlife Federation- Animal Tracks On-Line
The National Wildlife Federation provides this collection of environmental education lessons and activities. Resources are divided into five categories: air, habitat, people and the environment, wildlife and endangered species, and water. Each section includes an introduction, general background information, fun facts,and a glossary of terms and classroom activities.
Nature Notes
Links to photos of plants and creatures found in wetlands.
Seaworld - animal information database
Great source for quick information on many animals
Sounds of the World's Animals
Learn how people describe the sounds animals make in 13 languages
Explore the animals of any continent or ocean.
The Tree of Life Home Page
"The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other. To look at pages in the Tree, you might wish to begin at the root, or you may wish to search for a particular organism, or you may wish to go to some popular groups or browse some sample pages, or you might wish to examine some recently added pages."
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -Kid's Information Central
At this site, children can find out information on endangered and threatened species and what they can do to help them. Also includes resources for teachers.
WWF Kids Treehouse
Resources such as a complete list of Canada's Endangered Species and other Wildlife at Risk, fact sheets for many Canadian, and some international, species, and a link to the world's list of species at risk.
Worm World
Basic information about worms includind how to create a worm bin for recycling food scraps.