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Miscellaneous Math

Science Center Lessons: 42 Ways To Start a Math Journal Entry
List of maths journal starting ideas
What Good is Math?
This page provides arguments and examples to help students understand the uses of math in everyday life. Includes interactive activities and lessons.
Flashcards for Kids
Online flashcards with a variety of mathematical puzzles to help build kids' skills.
Instructions on and the history of the use of the abacus.
MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules)
Provides teachers and students with information about the rapidly growing fields of molecular modeling. Also, it can provide K-12 students and teachers with basic concepts in mathematics and their connection to molecular modeling. It includes multimedia components, a 3 D library of molecular images, a MathMol tutorial for K-12 math or science classroom, on-line activities, and water experiments.
Dave's Math Tables
Collection of mathematical reference tables, for example: trig identities, geometric formulas, algebraic basic identities, and more.
PlaneMath (NASA)
Designed for students in grades 4-7 interested in aeronautics-related careers
Tales From the Electronic Frontier
"actual classroom experiences using the Internet in K-12 science and mathematics."