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About Rainbows
Answers to various questions about rainbows
The Centre for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics Light Tour
"Find out about types of light, space images in different types of light, light wavelengths and why astronomers need to use them, and much more." Also includes tips for the classroom.
Circles of Light: The Mathematics of Rainbows
Information through text and graphics to explain rainbows. Also has a variety of related optics experiments.
The Exciting World of Light and Energy
"Interesting facts about light and energy in simple, easy to understand way. It contains basic facts about different phenomenons like: refraction, reflection, etc. and some interesting things conneted with it."
Great White Wave Machine
"The purpose of this web site is to generate interest in science by illustrating some of the principles of the wave nature of sound and light." Also has some activities.
Light & Energy
What is light?, Properties of light, Radiation, Types of light, Light and Energy, and more.
Light Experiments and Activities
From Computer as Learning Partner: UC Berkeley.
Light and Optics
Teachers can use this website to teach an entire unit on light, or they can use it to augment a particular topic/series of topics related to light. Topics covered include: The Spectrum, The Nature of Light, Behavior of Light, Reflection, Refraction, Lenses and Light, Colour, The Eye, and Optical Illusions.
Optics for Kids
A quick look at some optical basics.
See The Light
Introduction to Light, Properties of Light, Color, Optics, Experiments, Glossary, References, Related Sites, and more.