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101 Things You Can Do the First Three Weeks of Class

Amber's Lesson Plans and More
"This site is for teachers, students in the education program, and anyone interested in educational materials. There are lesson plans, my resume, a message board and a chatroom. Come share your teaching ideas!"
A federally-funded national information system with everything from a Q&A service to lesson plans.
Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans
Has several lesson plans for a variety of subjects and grades.
BC Education - Program Standards & Education Resources Branch - Integrated Resource Packages
Main page linking to all the British Columbia IRP's, which are resources outlining all subjects of study from K-12.
Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
searchable directory of educational sites on the internet.
Board of Studies NSW Educational Resources
"a government instrumentality that serves 100,000 teachers and more than a million students in all government, non-government and home-schools in the State of New South Wales in Australia. "
The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web
Ideas, tips and sites for educators.
Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
Links to many teaching resources sites.
Canadian Education on the Web
"The purpose of Canadian Education on the Web is to bring together everything relating to Canada and education that has a presence on the World Wide Web." Lists include: boards of education, Canada-wide, organizations, commercial education sites, community colleges, databases, clearinghouses and directories, distance education, education journals, education libraries, educational networks, educators and education resources, elementary and secondary schools, faculties of education, independent institutions, jobs in education, ministries of education, private school organizations, provincial organizations, school board organizations, student newspapers, student organizations, teachers' organizations, universities, other Canadian education internet lists. Whew!!
The Canadian Kids Homepage
This website is meant as a jumping point for teachers and students, and parents and children to explore the Web together. Has links to websites with the following content: Activities, Animals, Canadian Writers, Computer Camps, Educational, Family Pages, For Kids By Kids, From Around the World, Great Canadian Pages!, Just For Fun, Missing Children, Music, On-Line Magazines, Parent Resources, Schools, Space, Sports, and Teacher Resources.
The Center for Critical Thinking
A wealth of information including instructional guides and lesson plans to help educators implement critical thinking in every aspect of their teaching.
Classroom Connect
Resource for educators with a focus on technology in the curriculum. "We have designed this site with the hope that it will become "homebase" to thousands of K-12 educators and students around the globe. The resources available here augment Classroom Connect's rapidly expanding line of product offerings which include our newsletters, videos , books , training systems , and conferences ."
Community Learning Network
Over 180 menu pages with more than 3,500 links to educational WWW sites, as well as over 120 WWW resources
Daily Learning Activities
Activities to help parents and caregivers work with students from Grade 1 to Grade 8. There are 11 days worth of activities for Language and Math. From the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training.
Daycare Provider's Page
Circle, craft and activity ideas, and links to other useful sites.
Denyse's Pre-Primary:
An Australian site with professional links, recipes, sharing and thematic ideas, Australian links...
Digital Education Network
"DEN offers up-to-date information and interactive features that encourage students to learn, think, and participate in the online community." This site is organized in the following "DENS": Math DEN, which presents challenging math problems; WritingDEN, which teaches students how to write effectively; NewsDEN, which presents current events in exciting new ways; GraphicsDEN, which introduces students digital art; SkyDEN, which offers an introduction to basic astronomy; InternetDEN, which shows teachers how to use Internet Explorer 4.0; and TestDEN, which creates personalized study guides for TOEFL students.
Discover Learning: LearnOnline - Daybook
A teacher created searchable database of online lesson plans. You can print out new lessons to use right away! The Daybook is currently featuring a selection of K-7 subjects. Our database is constantly being updated to cover all K-12 subject areas.
Early Childhood
"The source of information for all who share an interest in improving the education and general life experience of young children. It's a place for getting advice from experts in the early childhood field, expanding your collection of creative projects, and sharing ideas and questions with the early childhood community."
Educational Network Australia
Provides access to quality Internet sites for the Australian education and training community.(mailing lists, discussion groups, and searches).
Educational WWW Resources for K-12 Students and Teachers
Links to curricular resources, instructional materials and themes arranged by subject area. Brought to you by the Community Learning Network (CLN).
Eduplace Activities Search Database
Allows teachers to search for lesson plans of classroom activities based on content area and grade level (K-8). Activities are also organized by theme
Tips, handouts, lesson plans, an educational exchange and more.
Gander's Academy
Provides a vast amount of links to resources, informational sites, and more, organized by themes.
Global SchoolNet Foundation
Articles, contests, events, school listings, projects, lesson plans and much more from around the world
Grade -K - 5 Elementary Level (Columbia Education Center)
provides 44 mini-lessons for K - 5 from the Columbia Education Center. Grade level for each is marked.
Great Sites!
"Great Sites: Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults Who Care About Them." Links to over 700 websites selected by the ALA.
Homework Central
Includes 3.4 million pages of reference covering 2,200 subjects, as well as a listserv for the top 8 weekly research sites.
Homework Heaven
Resources for teachers and students including a search engine and 122 Subject Search Engines, or 100 Special Homework Indexes. Also has chat rooms and bulletin boards.
Homework Helper
Over 500 links to sites to help with homework projects. Categories include News and Current Events, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Languages.
Idea Box
Contains ideas, articles, projects, seasonal themes, and printable pages. The site includes very active message boards for parents and teachers.
Information Please
A searchable source for information on many subjects
Innovative Teaching
Resources including technology, research, projects, lessons, early childhood, special education, newsgroups and listservs.
Issues & Ideas: For Teachers and Parents
Information on integrating technology in the classroom, staff development, teaching and learning resources, and specific information just for parents.
Kindergarten Connection
dedicated to providing valuable resources to primary teachers, including teacher tips, lesson plans, links, book reviews, and more
Lesson Plans the Easy Way
A page on writing lesson plans.
Lesson Plans From the Teacher's Desk
"A collection of over 250 lesson ideas for Spelling, Writing, English, Reading, and Vocabulary activities, with a few extras thrown-in, currently being utilized in a fifth- or sixth-grade classroom"

Lesson Plan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Mailbox - Education Centre
Ideas for teachers, organized in year levels.
Middle Web
Resources for Middle School educators and parents, and explores the challenges of school reform
Millenaire: The Third Millennium Education Project
Resources for integrating the internet into the classroom
Morgan Media
Host to several services, including a cyberclub for students, and resources for teachers.
Mrs. Vig's First Grade Page!
A thematic site with ideas, poetry, literature selections and links on a variety of monthly themes for grades K-2.
Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage
Mix of her own stuff and links to other good K-12 sites.
My Virtual Reference Desk
E-Mail Address Sites, Internet Domain Names, Phone Books, Zip Codes, Business Directories, Educational Directories, Government Directories, Legal Directories, Online Encyclopedias, and more.
National Education Service (NES)
Education resources, newsletter, and more
Resources, announcements, job listings, and more..."The content of NativeWeb at the moment is predominantly about the Americas, from the Arctic to Amazonia. In time, this will change. As access to the Web grows, as native peoples of other continents reach out through cyber-space, NativeWeb will grow also. Already there are links to the Sami of Northern Europe, the Maori of New Zealand, and Aboriginal Peoples of Australia. "
The Perpetual Preschool
The Perpetual Preschool has dozens of areas and hundreds of ideas for pre-school classes.
Personal Educational Press
A free online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flashcards, print word lists, and generate worksheets for educational games.
Planet K-12
A searchable directory for educators. Monthly topics, resources and products, chat, and networking amongst professionals
Preschool Directory
Preschool related news, books and web resources.
Resources for Early childhood Education
Teaching ideas and links to other sites for special education.
RHL School
"An enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review." Organized by the subjects: English Basics, Mathematics Computation, Mathematics Problem Solving, Reading Comprehension, and Research Skills.
R.I.C. Publications
This is an Australian educational publishing company that produces teacher resource materials for schools and homeschoolers. They have over 800 books in print that you can order from this website and over 800 sample pages available to download free.
Saskatchewan Education | Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training
"Saskatchewan Education provides leadership in the development and operation of education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the province. This site contains the Evergreen Curriculum, including curriculum guides, bibliographies, foundation documents, World Wide Web resources, and discussion areas. Also provided are department services and information, school divison and school web pages, an educational e-mail registry, and much more."
Scholastic Place
Online educational subscription service for teachers and students in elementary and middle schools. Information on award-winning projects, educational games, professional discussions, conversations with special guests, and opportunities to work with well-known children's book authors, scientists, and more.
SchoolNet Digital Collections
A "gateway to over 130 collections produced by young Canadians under contract to Industry Canada" Also has curriculum units. In English and French.
Study Web
A searchable databse of over 73,000 research links. Categories such as Composition, Criminology, Philosophy, Religion, Animals/Pets, and Geography. Also contains info for teachers.
Monthly education news, ideas and tips for teachers
Teacher/Pathfinder Resources
Resources for teachers, with a special section for homeschoolers.
Teacher Education
"The Teacher Education site is based in Adelaide South Australia and aims to provide information to student teachers/teachers regarding basic teaching skills, strategies, and other classroom methodologies. It also contains the theories of such people as Jean Piaget, Benjamin Bloom, Howard Gardner and others. An ever-developing site maintained and designed by a student teacher."
The Teacher's Desk
Lesson plans, web-ring, and links.
Teachers Helping Teachers
Teaching tips for inexperienced teachers, new ideas in teaching methodologies for all teachers and a forum for experienced teachers to share their expertise and tips with colleagues around the world.
A Chat Board, Lesson Plan Exchange, lists of Teacher Websites a Reference Desk, and home to several discussion lists organized by grade level and specialized groups.
Teacher's World
A searchable site which includes lesson plans, ideas, articles, lilnks, a chat room and more.
Teaching Ideas and Topics
Ideas, strategies and more on these topics: assessment, class activities, home activities, composition, critical thinking, gender, language & diversity, literature, reading, research, technology, writing, and whole language.
Toolbox Resource Kit
Annotated listings of educational links categorized into the following sections: internet basics, web browsers, web searching, web publishing, internet filtering, evaluating sites, tech support links, just for schools, and just for libraries.
U.S. Department of Education
Collection of resources for teachers, parents, educators, and researchers.
A World of Kindergarten:
"Early childhood teachers from around the world have joined together to provide curriculum support to each other and anyone who needs ideas. The information found at this site has come from a discussion list composed of kindergarten, pre-primary, preschool, and primary teachers."
K-12 resources which includes web-based activities created by teachers.