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Learning Disabilities

Gifted and Learning Disabled? It Is Possible!
An article written by Lynda Conover of the University of Virginia.
The Instant Access Treasure Chest
Includes a vast amount of resources on: assistive technology, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, auditory deficits, college policies for students with disabilities, commercial sites, conference handouts, dyslexia, foreign language and LD, government resources, hyperlexia, learning styles, legalities, teaching students with disabilities, and visual deficits.
LD Online: The Interactive Guide to Learning Disabilities
Information and ideas about learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children.
Learning Disabilities
The Instant Access Treasure Chest: Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities
NLD on the Web!
Contains many full-text articles, a list of conferences, journal references and other helpful resources, and a discussion forum - all devoted to increasing understanding of nonverbal learning disorder, a neurologically-based learning disability.
Reading, Reading Disabilities
Includes: Parental Tips, Reading Research, Assistance for Teachers and Administrators, Suggested Reading, Organizations That Can Help, and Links