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Children's Kwanzaa Books
Reviews of Kwanzaa books for children.
Everything About Kwanzaa
Definition of Kwanzaa, Celebrating Kwanzaa, Decorating the Home, Gifts, The Kwanzaa Feast of Karamu, and more.
HomeArts - Celebrating Kwanzaa
Information on the African harvest festival celebrated fro December 26 until January.
It's Kwanzaa Time
Meaning, Statements, Debates, Pictures, Music, Events, and Comments .
Kwanzaa House - Celebration
What is Kwanzaa?, Why celebrate Kwanzaa?, How to celebrate Kwanzaa?, and What is the Karamu Feast?
Kwanzaa Mini Unit
For Grade 2 and 3, from TeacherLINK.
The Official Kwanzaa Web Site
Roots and Branches, Seven Principles, The Symbols, Greetings, Gifts, Colours and Decorations, The Celebration, The Meditation, and more.
MelaNet's Kwanzaa Information Center
What Is Kwanzaa?, Kwanzaa Sights & Sounds (using Real Audio Video), Learn About The New U.S. Postal Kwanzaa Stamp, Links to Related Sites, The National Kwanzaa Activities Calendar, and more.
NetNoir -- Happy Kwanzaa!
What is Kwanzaa, 7 Principles of Kwanzaa, Kraft Kwanzaa Recipes, Kwanzaa Books, Kwanzaa for Children - Fun & Games, The Kwanzaa Stamp, Kwanzaa Festivals - Yenu Iwe, Kwanzaa Symbols, Kwanzaa for Christians, More Kwanzaa Links, and more.