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Australian Koala Foundation
Koala Pictures, News, About the Australian Koala Foundation, Habitat Atlas, Facts Vs. Myths, Education Resources, Endangered or Not?, How You Can Help, Kids Koala Facts, Books, and more.
Blinky Bill's
"We'd like to inform you about: the importance of helping Koalas, the Australian Koala Foundation and their activities, and what you can do to help ." Links to other koala related sites, Facts about koalas, Books and tapes about koalas, and Organizations & Sanctuaries. In English and German.
Friends of the Koala
Friends of the Koala, About Lismore, General Information, Post Cards, Newsletter, Koala Care & Research Centre, Annual Report, Koala Food Trees, News, and Links.
Koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Koala pictures, information, a Koala Club, and much more. (also has info. on other Australian animals)
Koala's Page
A Brief History, The Bare Facts, Birth of a Koala, Koala Physiology, What Do Koalas Eat?, Where Can You Find a Koala?, Koala Stories, Ascii Koalas, Books About Koalas, Other Koala Sites, and FAQ's. In English and Chinese.
Koala Rescue
The history and impact of Kangaroo Island's Koalas; details on: fertility control, relocation, habitat restoration and protection, and community education. Also has info. on how you can help, the latest news, and other resources.
Kool Koalas
Koala photos and quotes.
San Diego Zoo: Koala Mania
View a slide show, a video, and read up on Ghost Boy, the world's only albino koala in a zoological facility.
Sea World: koala
Koala fact Sheet.