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Environment Australia Biodiversity Group : Kangaroo Biology
Information about the kangaroo family, species, management & protection, further reading, and more.
Interdisciplinary Lessons Plans Related to Kangaroos
"A wide variety of activities in each of the key learning areas, and while some may be specifically aimed at a particular grade level, the majority can be modified to cater for any age group. Where possible, we have included teaching aids and ideas to assist you in the easy application of these activities in your classroom."
The Marsupial Game Preserve- Kangaroo Gallery
Provides ten photographs of kangaroos.
SanFrancisco Zoo: Kangaroo
A write up on kangaroo facts including the different species.
Welcome to Skippy's Kangaroo World.
Kangaroos A-Z (an encyclopedia of kangaroos which has more than 30 topics), Kangaroo Gallery, Books to Read, and Links.