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All Irish Clans and Names
" You can find out more about where your name comes from, what it means, and about groups in Ireland and worldwide, called clans, whose members share your name and keep it's heritage alive."

Ireland - Government (Ireland)

Irish History on the Web
Information on general Irish history, suggested reading, genealogy, Irish Studies, timelines, documents, republican history, Unionist history, 'Famine' history, Northern Ireland, and other history resources.

Ireland (Ireland Tourist Bureau)

Ireland's Dance
Dedicated to the artform of Irish step dancing, with plenty of info about all aspects of Irish dance, from the shoes, costumes and feiseanna (competitions) to the history and music & dances themselves.
A weekly webzine on Ireland and Irish culture, history, tradition, myth and more.
Old Ireland
Take an illustrated tour of Ireland over 100 years ago.

Traditional Irish Recipes

UK Travel Guide
UK A-Z, UK Active Map, and a London Guide.