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Japanese Internment

Exhibit on Japanese-American Internment Camps
The exhibit depicts life in the internment camp for many Santa Clara Valley Japanese Americans, the difficulties they experienced, and their efforts, after their release, to recreate some part of the life they had left behind.
Internment and Evacuation of San Francisco Japanese 1942
Newspaper articles from the San Francisco News in the 1940s regarding Japanese-American internment.
Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
Camp Harmony Exhibit Archival Guides Japanese Canadian Internment Bibliography
Japanese-American Internment Camps - K-12 Teachers' Workshop
Links to information on the Manzanar and Topaz camps, Images from the Bancroft Library Pictorial Collection, Other Photographic Collections, General Resources - Japanese-American Internment Camps, and Samples of K-12 Work
Masumi Hayashi Photography
"Hayashi's panoramic photo collages show the remnants of sites of Japanese American Internment camps during World War II, an archeological memory. Hayashi also interviewed camp survivors in different areas of the United States and Canada. She collected personal photographs taken by these camp survivors during their time at the internment camps. Together these photographs create a link between past and present. "
UWEC Geog188 Vogeler - Japanese Internment Camps
Examine the layout of the camps and look at the inside of a residential unit (20 x 24 ft). What can we see on a topographic map?
War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
Photographs and information