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How to Play Specific Instruments

how to care for your instrument, a Chromatic Fingering Guide, a history of the clarinet, and much more.
Guitar Lessons
Over 40 lessons students can follow to learn how to play the guitar.
The Internet Cello Society
an international community of cellists, where you can chat will fellow cello players or post messages on their forum boards. Or, learn tips, such as Putting Tape on your Fingerboard, or Tips about Standard Repertoire.
Key Connections
"Connecting Canadian piano teachers and students." Find piano teachers, piano tuners and technicians, music store, online theory courses, cafe, bulletin board, membership information, and www music links.
Piano on the Net
Learn how to play the piano, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike.
Piano World
learn all about pianos, from buying tips and piano care to pictures and descriptions of the over 2000 moving parts inside a piano.
Piano Net
Includes a series of lessons broken down for beginning, intermediate, and advanced piano students. You can also play sound clips, or download music to use later.
Violin Making
Play sound clips from violins or cellos, learn about the construction of a violin, or learn how to take care of and perform routine maintenance on your instrument.