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Ant Farm's Reading Room
Links to a variety of information about ants.
The Bug Club
Tons of information for bug collectors.
BugFood II
A text based site of information on insects as food - some real yucky reading here.
Butterfly & Moth Books for Children
A bibliography of butterfly and moth books for children
Butterfly WebSite
Contains information on butterfly gardening, raising butterflies, education, conservation, and more.
Children's Butterfly Site
Information about butterflies and butterfly questions can be ansered by entomologist Dr. Paul Opler.
Exotic Entomology
A selection of the world's butterflies and moths, taken from Dru Drury's three-volume monograph entitled Illustrations of Exotic Entomology. as well as their scientific names.
Gordon's Entomological Home Page
Glossary of insect terminology, care-sheets on how to look after insects, and lots of images.
Impact of Insects on Human History
Information on how insects have changed major battles, altered governments, and shaped human history. Also includes links to other related sites.
"Insectlopedia is a rapidly expanding research portal. Selected resources indexed in Insectclopedia pertain to entomology and its related fields. After submission, all resources are classified by our staff of professional educators. These resources include species, research, insect control, communication, pictures, schools, conservation, identification, expertise, hobbies and other important services."
Links to sites on, species of insects, insects and humans, insect habitats, caring for insects, and entomology.
Insect Conservation at Minibeast
Information about endangered insects, the reasons behind their decline, and what you can do to help.
Insect Lore; Folktales About Insects at Minibeast
Information about the different beliefs about insects, for example, their ability to predict the weather.
Lady Beetles
Lots of factual info. and bright pictures.
Magnificent Monarchs - World Wildlife Fund Canada
Educational resources and information on the Monarch Butterfly including a Monarch Migration Game.
Minibeast World of Insects and Spiders- Arthropod Trivia
A site of many interesting facts.
Minibeast World of Insects and Spiders- Teacher's Tower
A list of links with information and lesson plans about insects.
Monarch Watch
A cooperative study of the monarch's fall migration to promote science education in primary and secondary schools. In addition to information on joining the Watch there are monarch butterfly resources as well as classroom activities.
Sorghum Insects Images
Compiled by Phil Sloderbeck, Kansas State University, Dept. of Entomology, 1995
The Wonderful World of Insects
Provides information on a variety of insects. Looks at the role of insects in gardening.
Yucky Bug World
Cockroaches and other yucky things.