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Information: Gathering, Analyzing, Interpreting, Presenting

Information Technology K-7 IRP
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum. "
Adbusters' Culture Jammers Headquarters
A sharp witted look at culture, the media, and advertising. Encourages critical thinking.

Better Business Bureau (Canada and the US)
Children's Express
A news service produced by kids reporting on the issues that affect their lives. Students can also participate in online polls and forums, submit story ideas, or report and file stories.
Dissect an Ad
understand how ads work, what they're meant to accomplish, and how they're designed to have the desired impact.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Site for the non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media.
Electronic Newsstand
provides students with a search engine to a large and diverse set of electronic magazines.
The English Teachers' Web Site- Writing the Five Paragraph Essay
This document explains the five paragraph essay in detail. There's also a link to a document on "Writing Introductory Paragraphs" which gives five ways to grab a reader's attention.
Forming Opinions
From the Professional Cartoonists Index, learning to form and express an opinion about current news events.
Information Please
A searchable source for information on many subjects
Media Awareness Network
This Canadian site is a support network for media education. You'll find links to information on media news, media literacy ideas for parents, resources and lesson plans for teachers, children's media, media issues, media industries, and government.
Media Awareness Network
"Offers practical support for media education in the home, school and community and provides Canadians and others with information and "food for thought" on our fast-evolving media culture. It's also a place where educators, parents, students and community workers can share resources and explore ways to make media a more positive force in children's lives."
News & Record's NIE Lesson Plans
A lesson plan with activities designed for elementary through high school aged students. Although written for a specific publication, it is applicable to any newspaper. Students are asked to use the newspaper to evaluate the different advertisments and judge their effectiveness.
News In Review
"A subscription series of one hour educational tapes hosted by Knowlton Nash, featuring CBC correspondents. It has been designed by teachers for an integrated curriculum and is an effective learning tool.." Past resource guides that accompany these tapes are available online in there entirety.
Free research resource that is a parallel search engine that retrieves the summaries of articles from the archives of hundreds of information sources around the world like newspapers, journals, magazines and other online information sources.
Street Cents
on-line version of the CBC Consumer TV series has information on a wide range of topics of interest to consumers
The Reviewer: How it is Made
The Reviewer, a Moose Jaw newspaper, is printed on the oldest working cylinder press in Canada. Find out here how exactly it is made through pictures and text.
Taking Charge of your TV
The resources at this site look at issues of "television awareness, demonstrate critical viewing skills and suggest media literacy techniques that can change our relationship to TV."
TV & Me
This guide has been written by educators, for educators, and is intended for use in your schools and communities. It has been designed to address learning outcomes as they appear in provincial guidelines across Canada in the area of Viewing and Representing, Media Literacy, Language, and Healthy Life Coping Skills. Includes worksheets and a video.
The Virtual Presentation Assistant
An online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills.