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Internet Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Computer Incident Advisory Capability
bulletins on internet hoaxes
Computer Virus Myths
"Learn about the myths, the hoaxes, the urban legends, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also see a list of virus hoaxes from A to Z."
Data Fellows - hoax warnings
This page is considered the industry standard information source for new virus hoaxes and false alerts.
Don't Spread That Hoax!
updated site which explains and exposes virus hoaxes and urban legends online and tries to keep track of the most recent ones.
Urban Legends
a directory of urban legends floating around the internet on newsgroups and mailing lists. don't spread them along, check here first.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
check here before sending that latest scare to everyone in your address book - good chance it's an internet myth.
Urban Legends Research Centre
"The Urban Legends Research Centre is distinct from other Internet Urban Legends resources in that it encourages visitors to submit stories they are curious about which will be researched and published on the Web site. In this way the Centre's growing library of Urban Legend research reports will be driven largely by those who visit and use it."