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HBC & the Fur Trade

Empire Of The Bay
A very visual history of the Hudson's Bay Company.
Hudson's Bay Company
View the artifacts of the Hudson's Bay Company Collection including: Inuit cultures : Arctic Region; Aboriginal cultures: Subarctic and Woodlands Regions; Aboriginal cultures :Northern Parklands, Prairie and Plains Areas; Aboriginal Cultures: The Northwest Coast Area; Metis cultures: Western Canada; Artifacts of the fur trade; Exploration and Navigation; Euro-Canadian artifcats; Fine art collection; and Calendar art
Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Victoria
Looks at fort life, people, and fun and games then and now.
Hudson's Bay Digital Collection
Images of the Hudson's Bay Company's museum collection donated to the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Resources in categories including Inuit Cultures, Aboriginal Cultures, Metis Cultures, Artifacts of the Fur Trade, Exploration and Navigation, and Euro-Canadian Artifacts.
History of Fort McMurray
Information about the history of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and the surrounding region. Includes historical timelines and photographs, and information about Heritage Park, operated by The Fort McMurray.