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Geology & Geological Regions

23 Peaks
"Follow adventurer Phil Buck and his team as they attempt to be the first to climb the highest peak in each nation of North, Central and South America..." Includes journals and photos.
The Great Online McKinley Climb
Part of Discovery Channel, this site offers wonderful maps, photgraphs and the story of a climb to reach the summit of Mt. McKinley. Allows users to follow the a real adventure.
Desert Biome
Information about deserts such as what a desert is, the types of deserts, causes for deserts, and some of the plant and animal life.
Desert Life
A look at desert ecosystems and the role humans play in them.
Photos of Deserts in the USA
Various places from around the USA.
The Grand Tour
Take a tour of the Grand Canyon and learn its history.
Stones of England
Many photographs and general info. on the famous stones of England.
Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection
Pictures and descriptions of highlights of the collection.
The Mineral Gallery
Explore rocks and minerals including pictures.
Latest news and discoveries, hot topics, virtual field trips, interactive forums, an image gallery and more.
Geology Links
Links to geology sites of interest
Earth's Interior & Plate Tectonics
An instructional document divided into section on "The Earth's Interior " and "The Lithosphere & Plate Tectonics" (Oceanic Lithosphere, Continental Lithosphere ) and "Plate Tectonics").
Links to Internet resources on Mining History
National Resources Canada : Minerals and Metals: A World to Discover
Virtual travel to communities closely associated with the production of minerals and metals; information on minerals and metals produced in Canada; a game in which students can discover how minerals and metals contribute to the quality of life; a description of the mining cycle; information on mineral exploration and the mining industry; details about careers in the mining industry; links to other educational resources, and a glossary.
Petrographic Workshop
"Petrographic Workshop is an interactive database designed to help students and teachers better deal with the important and challenging discipline of petrography. The program is designed as a source of mineralogical information used in the identification process of rocks and minerals. The program consists of detailed textual information and microscopic images of hundreds of rocks and minerals. This program can be used as an interactive database or a teacher designed laboratory workshop."
British Columbia & Yukon Chamber of Mines
Information on mining, and on rocks and minerals in general.
Resources and general information on geology
Rocks, Minerals and Mining
Links to sites on rock collecting, types of rocks, minerals and mining.
Links to sites on how fossils form, types of fossils, finding fossils, fossil species, fossils from Mars?, paleontology and fossil galleries.
GeoScience: K-12 Resources
This page (since it sits in Calgary) has a definite petroleum or 'soft rock' bias. It starts from Alberta Education's curriculum which prescribes GeoScience topics in Science classes in Grade 3/7/8/11/12 and then identifies Calgary, Albertan, Canadian and International educational field trips and GeoScience sites of interest.