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General Puzzles and Games

WorldVillage Kidz
Math Games, Spelling Games and Pattern Games, and more
Cool stuff for kids, and information on things (like software) for parents
Puzzle of the Month
New and challenging brain stumpers for teachers updated monthly.
Games, categorized into tag games, water games, tea party, holiday games, slumber party, and more.
Puzzle Depot
Features crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy games, and board games for K-12.
Games Kids Play
Has rules for hundreds of kids' games such as "Red Light/Green Light"
Brain Teasers
Brain teasers for kids from Houghton Mifflin's Global Network Navigator
Headbone Zone
Activities and games for kids
"An educational site that stimulates learning, problem solving, and creative thinking through the use games and puzzles... each month we add 60 new puzzles - all of which are free. The site also has printable versions of many of the puzzles. Teachers will appreciate that "using puzzles and games across the curriculum can encourage critical thinking and support the development of problem solving skills."
Bubblegum.com Games Page
Online games including Xtreme Snowboard, Grand Canyon Climb, Jig Saw Puzzles, Cat Dog Sing-A-Long, Rugrats Concentration, Big League Chew Stadium Game and many more.