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General Energy

Energy Council of Canada
Energy info related to the economy, international data, and a graphical overview with current stats.
Energy and the Environment: Resources for a Networked World
Deals with: Physics of Energy and the Enviroment, Alternative Energies and Renewable Resources, Global Warming and the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect, Population Growth and Finite Resources, Ozone Depletion, and A Brief Fossil Fuel Primer. an extensive resource.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
Education resources including a look at solar power, earth day, a section for kids, ask an energy expert, news, and more.
Energy Quest -- Energy Education from the California Energy Commission
A large resource dealing with education and all aspects of energy including conservation and development, broken down by difficulty level.
Energy Information Administration
Includes: Energy Overview, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Electricity, Renewables, Alternative Fuels, and other specific information.
EnviroLink Library
Energy resources such as: alternative energy sources, energy conservation, energy sciences, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and pollution from energy sources.
Energy Matters
History, Physics, Uses, Types, Games, and a Discussion Forum.
USA Alternative Energy Firms
a very large alphabetical index to on-site resources related to all aspects of alternative energy.
EnergyNet Community Web
"EnergyNet is an on-line project for grades 6-12 designed by Educational Dividends for TECH 2000, a coalition of education and business leaders, to help prepare students for today's workplace. The information required for a solid education is woven into real-world questions such as "Is your school wasting energy?" EnergyNet helps students find answers by providing the technical support and telecommunications tools-including Internet training-they need. Along the way, EnergyNet students are provided the team-building, problem-solving and technical skills they need in today's workplace."
Glossary of Energy Terms
From the California Energy Commission