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Water Games

Outdoor Tag Games

"a gathering place for kids of all ages to learn and exchange non-computer games and activities. Each month, selected games and rhymes (traditional and contemporary), activities, and recipes will be selected from around the world for you to download, print out, and play."
Games Kids Play
Has rules for hundreds of kids' games such as "Red Light/Green Light"

Non-Competitive Games

Group Games To Play With Children
Teach young children how to play games such as Pigs Fly or Who Am I.
Favorite Old Games
Cub Scout Pack 114 has a collection of some old favorites here; such as "Where is Thumpkin", Here is the Church", "Patty-Cake", and more.
Games of the Plains Cree
Provides historical information and the rules to play many games of the Plains Cree, including games of chance, target, balls, toys, etc..