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Misc. Funtime Games

Card Games
Rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world.
Ducks Unlimited - Puddlers Page
Fun and games focussing on puddle ducks.
Fun-Attic Activity Guide
Unique games for all levels of play, including the disabled. Free game list and fundraiser idea pages.
Games of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
Infromation about the rules and the natural materials used to play these games.
Just For Fun
Jokes, riddles and "Cyberstumps"
Learning Planet
"Learning Planet has a variety of learning games ranging from counting and number order for preschool through finding equivalent fractions for the older elementary student. These games are a fun way to learn online in an interactive, child-safe environment."
playBridge Homepage
playBridge is home to the Hand Generator, which is a bridge training and education tool.
Puzzle Page
10 puzzles featured here including Test Your Memory, Hidden Pictures and Count the Flies.
ZIA String Figures
learn string games