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Frog & Toad

The Froggy Page
An excellent resource on frogs for teachers and kids. Includes scientific information, frogsounds, tales, songs, and pictures.
Weird Frog Facts, Save Our Frogs!, Frequently Asked Questions, About Pet Frogs, Froggy Coloring Book, International Frogs, Frog Fables, Activities and Lesson Plans, and much more.
The Frog Page
The Life Cycle Of A Frog: From an egg to a frog, Frog files ( pictures, sounds, etc. ), and Links to other froggish stuff on the web.
The Frogs of New England
"Welcome to "The Frogs of New England" where you can identify, understand, and appreciate our tailless amphibian species." Also has info. on frog species, life cycle, and anatomy.
Michele's Frog Page
Frog photos from all around the world, writings, objects, jokes, cartoons, famous frogs, frog stamps, frog postcards, how to say "frog" in different languages, and much more.
Minnesota DNR - Nongame Wildlife Program: Frogs and Toads
Where frogs live, Frogs of all sizes and shapes, Calls of Frogs and Toads, Listen to Frogs and Toads, Save that Frog, and more.
ThreeToad: All About Toads
Facts including the difference between frogs and toads.
TOADs on earth
FAQ's, Fun, Science, TOADs species information, Gallery, and Statistics.