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Beyond the French Riviera
A site for tourists, but can view good information and photos of villages, landscapes, history, maps and more.
Anything you wanted to know about France including history, culture, architecture, weather, businesses, and much more.
France Ministry of Affairs
Information in English, French, German or Spanish.

France - Southern France

French Recipes
From SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes)
History of France: Primary Documents
A collection of documents from the Dark Ages to the liberation of Paris in World War II from the Brigham Young University.
La Bibliotheque nationale de France
France's National Library's website, features online exhibits, catalog access and pages in English.
Ministere de la culture
France's Ministry of Culture's website, some texts are available in English. Access information on special exhibits in cyberspace or in France.
Paris - The City of Light
A collection of everything regarding the City of Light including, monuments, schools, maps, museums, photographs, and more.