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Fossil Fuel Power

Consolidated Natural Gas Companies: Forming Fossil Fuels
The story behind the formation of Fossil Fuels.
DOE-Office of Fossil Energy Home Page
Up to date info. on fossil fuels and their uses.
The Energy Story: Fossil Fuels - Coal, Oil and Natural Gas
Infromation and pictures on Where Fossil Fuels Come From, Oil or Petroleum, Refineries, Natural Gas, and Saving Fossil Fuels.
Fossil Fuels and Their Utilization
Information on Evolutionary Stages of Coal, Disadvantages In The Utilization of Coal, and Crude Petroleum
Natural Gas Information and Educational Resources
Overview of Natural Gas, Glossary of Terms, History of Natural Gas, Bibliography, Natural Gas Week Overview, Policy Concerns Surrounding Natural Gas, The Natural Gas Line, Supply of Natural Gas, Environmental Impact of Natural Gas, Guide to Associations, Gas Technology, and Gas Research Institute
World Resources Institute: Fossil Fuels -- The Non-Renewable Resources
A short article from Oil as a Finite Resource