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Film, Video, Computer Art

Crayons and Computers
Lesson idea and activities for parents and teachers that combine the use of computers with traditional art tools.
Fine Arts K-7 IRP
"The Integrated Resource Package (IRP) combines four key elements of learning to form a functional curriculum overview document. IRPs provide the basic information that teachers will require in order to implement the curriculum. "
Internet Movie Database
Searchable database of filmography entries covering actors, actresses, directors, writers, composers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, costume designers, producers, and more.
Ultrabug Cliposcope
Gives 9- to 12-year-olds a hands-on introduction to moviemaking, through the National Filmboard of Canada animation/youth studio.
VidKids Media Literacy Program
A "low tech" approach toward moving pictures with emphasis placed on the concepts of sight, motion, time, and space. Students are also introduced to photographic imagery, an important component of video.