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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

BC Ministry of Education: Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects
A fifty page resource guide for teachers that covers the following topics: What are FAS and FAE?, Characteristics of Students with FAS/E, Preparing To Teach Students with FAS/E, Understanding the Needs of the Student with FAS/E, and Developing an Individual Education Plan.
The Arc's Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Resource and Materials Guide
Medical Overview Materials, FAS Overview Materials, Prevention Campaign Materials, Families With FAS Child, Instructional Materials, and other resources.
FAS Community Resource Center
Fact Sheet, What is FAS?, Timelines for FAS and FAE, Family Support Group, Report to Congress, Video of a Young Man With FAS, Real Stories, Discipline, Photos, and much more.
Fetal Alcohol Effected Student Checklist For Educational Programming
A checklist helps teachers recognize symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Effect. The page also offers hints for instructors and schools to deal with kids who might have the condition.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Facts about FAS/FAE, Treatment of Children with FAS/FAE, Educating Children with FAS/FAE, Parenting Children with FAS/FAE, and More info. on FAS/FAE.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Why Drinking and Pregnancy Don't Mix
An informative essay pointing to other resources.
The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS)
What is NOFAS?, What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)?, NOFAS Professional Curricula, Strategies for Working with FAS Children, Current Events, Board Members, and FAS Resources.