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The CHANGING program
"The CHANGING Program addresses growth, development, personal-appearance habits and self-esteem during puberty for girls and boys in grades 5 and 6. this program provides you with the resources and teaching strategies to help your students understand their changing bodies, the stages of puberty and the role of personal appearance in a positive self-image" Order your free materials for the program here.
Resources on all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and pre- and post-natal care.
Biological Changes in Adolescence
A discussion of puberty, sexuality, and cross-cultural differences and rituals of puberty.
An Educator's Online Resource - Puberty & Menstruation
Background information, lesson plans, handouts, and quizzes on puberty and menstruation.
Girlspace from Kotex
A resource providing information about the female body, feminine health, and menstruation.
How to Talk to Kids About Sex
From the Kidshealth.Org website.
Professor Puberty
"Due to the wonders of modern technology, Professor Puberty is now able to offer guidance through this web page and e-mail."
Parenting & Family Life Education
This page is intended primarily for parents to give some ideas and guidelines. Includes a list of other resources.
Planned Parenthood
Has guides for parents on talking about sex, birth control, what parents need to know, and first trip to the gynecologist. There is a section on Teen Issues, abortion, birth control, planned parenthood, and sexually transmitted diseases.
A Time for Answers
All About Puberty, Feminine Protection What's Happening?, Using a Tampon, All About Girls, Questions Girls Have, Body Talk: Girls, Body Talk: Boys, Your First Period, Questions Boys Have, The Menstrual Cycle, and Body Care