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Endangered Animal

American Museum of Natural History: Endangered!
Tour the Exhibition, Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog, Endangered Animals, Endangered Habitats, The Dioramas, Terminology, Causes of Endangerment, Human Population Size and Endangerment, What Can Be Done?, Glossary, Suggested Readings, and more.
Find out about endangered animals, read about the animal of the week, and learn how to help save these animals online through visiting the zoos and aquariums, government agencies, endgangered species database, newsletter, and more.
Canadian Endangered Species
List of endagered mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and plants in Canada.
The Endangered Animals of the World
"The purpose of this project is to allow students from all over the world a chance to help foster knowledge and appreciation for the plight of the many thousands of endangered animals of the Earth. Students will gain valuable skills for researching, collaborating and telecommunicating while sharing their information with people around the world."
Endangered Animals of the World
"This site is a display of some of the many endangered species around the world. I hope you find the information useful and interesting... This site is divided into several main sections. The animals sections have a list of endangered animals, organized by their taxonomic classification. Feel free to visit the links page to get more information on endangered animals."

Endangered Animal Slide Show

Endangered Australian Animals
Information about endangered animals in Australia.
EndangeredSpecie.com - The Rarest Info Around
Endangered Species in Your State, Endangered Species Organizations, Books on Endangered Species, Laws That Protect Animals, Fact Sheets, selected Species Survival Plans, "Top 10" Endangered Species, Photos of Endangered Species, Ways you can help, List Of U.S. Endangered Species, For Teachers Only, and For Kids Only.
Endangered Species, Inc.
"Endangered Species, Inc. is a growing organization developed to provide the world with endangered species information, from facts and figures to organization contacts to learning how you can promote the survival of earth's dying species." Sections on Species in the Spotlight, About Us, and Join Us.
Endangered Species Learning Center - Defenders of Wildlife
"Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities." Site contains photos and information on endangered species.
International wildlife coalition
Includes "a monthly review and status report of the world's endangered and threatened species" and ways that you can help them.
Investigating Endangered Species in the Classroom
Includes curricula and lesson plans, information about ongoing projects students can participate in, and current conservation efforts by various organizations will help involve classrooms in learning why species become endangered and will help students participate in reversing those processes.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Endangered Species Home Page
Kid's Corner, Teachers' Packet, Photo Gallery, Slide Show, Conservation Plans, Links, Lists, Program Information, and more.
World Wildlife Fund: Canada
Information about WWF, related resources, and current campaigns. Also has a children's section. In English and French.
World Wildlife Fund: US
Information on endangered species, issues related to the environment, the Living Planed Campaign, and other WWF activities. Also includes activities for children.
WWF Global Network - panda.org
Fact Sheets, Country Profiles, Just for Kids, Endangered Seas, Forests for Life, Climate Change, Videos, Photos, Art, Slide Show, Earth Reports, Publications, and much more.