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Teaching Employment Opportunities

Canadian Education on the Web
"The purpose of Canadian Education on the Web is to bring together everything relating to Canada and education that has a presence on the World Wide Web." Lists include: boards of education, Canada-wide, organizations, commercial education sites, community colleges, databases, clearinghouses and directories, distance education, education journals, education libraries, educational networks, educators and education resources, elementary and secondary schools, faculties of education, independent institutions, jobs in education, ministries of education, private school organizations, provincial organizations, school board organizations, student newspapers, student organizations, teachers' organizations, universities, other Canadian education internet lists. Whew!!
Education Alberta
Educational employment opportunities anywhere in Alberta.
Education BC
Eeducational employment opportunities anywhere in British Columbia
Education Canada
"Education Canada offers visitors the ability to quickly find and respond to educational employment opportunities anywhere in Canada."
Education Ontario
Eeducational employment opportunities anywhere in Ontario.
Education Saskatchewan
Eeducational employment opportunities anywhere in Saskatchewan.
RNT: National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
"Recruiting New Teachers, Inc. works to raise esteem for teaching, expand the pool of qualified teachers, and promote strategies for effective teacher recruitment, development, and retention." A U.S. site.
Teachers Helping Teachers With Teaching Exchanges
"Each year over 20, 000 teachers, school administrators and their families travel on teaching exchanges.Teachers Helping Teachers With Teaching Exchanges is a web site for teachers wanting to learn about teaching exchanges and how exchanges benefit students, the school, the community and each teachers own personal growth."
Teaching UK
"A teacher recruitment company website specialising in placing international teachers in UK teacher positions. Our website provides details of our current vacancies and gives useful UK information for teachers considering to further their careers in the UK."
Times Educational Supplement (TES) Online Jobs
"TES online jobs is the largest source of education vacancies on the internet advertising up to 3000 UK and overseas jobs every week. You can browse or search our database entirely free, or you can set up a FREE Email Alert to tell you when a job matching your criteria is advertised."