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Educational Research & Trends

Center for Media Education
"A national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of the electronic media. CME fosters telecommunications policy making in the public interest through its research, advocacy, public education, and press activities." Specifically, this site includes InfoActive Kids, a quarterly publication "that provides timely information on technological trends as well as a library of recent reports and a listing of key resources;
The Critical Education Reform / Deform Page
"This web page is dedicated to being a centralized introduction and reference to education reform, which should be called Education Deform" Also has a message board.
Current Awareness
A monthly bibliography of recent educational articles covering over 200 education and technology related topics.
Deschooling Our Lives
By Ivan Illich with Aaron Falbel. "Why do so many people - even ardent critics of schooling - become addicted to education, as to a drug?"
Educational Research Network
"Easy access to the best print and electronic research information available in education. Up-to-date research on teaching, classroom management, psychology, testing, child development, and cognitive science."
Explores the worlds of educational reform and information technology

The History of Education Site

Home Schooling, a Master's Thesis
by Kathy L.M. Miles, (July, 1995). Kathy at first opposed her sister's decision to homeschool.
Homeschooling: Back To the Future?
A research paper about homeschooling.
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child
Full text of what Hillary Clinton actually said in her speech.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)- Statistical Reports
Topics of recent NCES reports include: early childhood, elementary & secondary education, English as a second language, finance, healthy children, higher education, high school dropouts, parental involvement, professional development, race & ethnicity, technology & more.
National Foundation for Educational Research
"An independent body undertaking research and development projects in all sectors of the public education system. It aims to gather, analyse and disseminate research based information with a view to improving education and training."
Free research resource that is a parallel search engine that retrieves the summaries of articles from the archives of hundreds of information sources around the world like newspapers, journals, magazines and other online information sources.
The Ongoing Debate in Reading Instruction: Finding a Balance
By Mark B. Thogmartin, HEM, on the origins of the phonics vs. literature-based reading instruction debate, which shows no signs of ending.
Phonetics - Spelling - Whole Language
How We Put Them Together for the Best of Both Worlds, by Myrna T. McCulloch.
Rethinking Schools Online
"the www site of the quarterly newsjournal Rethinking Schools, published by progressive classroom teachers and educators. The journal is an "independent newspaper advocating the reform of elementary and secondary public schools." It emphasizes grassroots perspectives and focuses on issues of equity and social justice. The major articles of each edition of the newspaper are displayed on the site, and back issues are available as well. There is a non-searchable index of all articles that have appeared in the journal over the past 12 years."
School is Dead, Learn in Freedom
Karl Bunday offers arguments for homeschooling.
Taking Children Seriously
A philosophy of non-coercive education and child-rearing.
Why Schools Fail
By Bruce Goldberg: Government schools have failed. SAT scores are low, dropout rates are staggeringly high, and violence is often rampant.