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Associations, Societies, Councils, Organizations...

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
The professional organization for over 16,500 educational leaders across North America and in many other countries.
ASPAC - Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres
Of interest to science/tech teachers, this site looks at their projects as well as has a newsletter.
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
An international, nonprofit, nonpartisan education association providing professional development in curriculum and supervision.
Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA)
Supports Montessori school administrators in Canada and promotes AMI/MACTE standards of Montessori education while offering expertise in Montessori school administration and the Montessori Method of education.
Canadian Education on the Web
"The purpose of Canadian Education on the Web is to bring together everything relating to Canada and education that has a presence on the World Wide Web." Lists include: boards of education, Canada-wide, organizations, commercial education sites, community colleges, databases, clearinghouses and directories, distance education, education journals, education libraries, educational networks, educators and education resources, elementary and secondary schools, faculties of education, independent institutions, jobs in education, ministries of education, private school organizations, provincial organizations, school board organizations, student newspapers, student organizations, teachers' organizations, universities, other Canadian education internet lists. Whew!!

Canada-Wide Educational Organizations

Ministère de l'Education Ministries Canada
a listing of all the provincial government education ministries.
International Reading Association (IRA)
Seeks to promote high levels of literacy for all by improving the quality of reading instruction.
National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)
Over the past 75 years, NAESP has grown to become the most powerful voice of Pre-K-8 principals across the United States and around the world.
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
NCSS serves as an umbrella organization for teachers of history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
As the primary professional organization for teachers of mathematics in grades K-12, the NCTM has the responsibility to provide broad national leadership in matters related to mathematics education
National Education Association. (NEA)
The NEA is 2.4 million men and women working, in schools and colleges across the United States, to help all students achieve.
National Parent and Teacher Association. (National P.T.A.)
The oldest and largest volunteer association in the United States working exclusively on behalf of children and youth.
National (US) School Boards Foundation (NSBA)
The nationwide advocacy and outreach organization for public school governance.
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
The largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. Current membership of more than 53,000.
SAASTEC - South African Association of Science & Technology Centres
Examine what is going on in the world of science and tech in other parts of the world.