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Ecology and Environmentalism

BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Information on British Columbia's air quality, car emissions, climate change, smoke control, parks, crown land, wildlife, managing waste, land stewardship, protecting habitats, managing pesticides, preventing pollution, water stewardship, water quality, watershed management, water licenses and fisheries.
Canadian Endangered Species
List of endagered mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and plants in Canada.
Composting in Schools
Includes: Why Composting? Teacher's Page (lesson plans, activities, teacher forum); Ideas for Student Research Projects; Compost Quiz; Science and Engineering (explaining the science and engineering behind composting; includes experiments); Composting Indoors; Composting Outdoors; Weird and Unusual Composting; and, Frequently Asked Questions.
Coral Forest
Educational material on coral reefs and their surrounding environment, the threats reefs are facing, and the possible solutions to these threats. Also included are maps showing coral reef regions around the world and a teacher's guides for grades K-5 and grades 6-12.
David Suzuki Foundation
Information on major issues like climate change, the fisheries, forestry, sustainable development and local action.
Earth Day Activities
Songs, books and activities that will better the Earth.
Earth Day Canada
About Earth Day, Events, Special Projects, Programs & Resources, Solutions Newsletter, Cool Stuff, and Related Links.
Earth Day Classroom Ideas
Ideas for teachers or for students interested in helping our planet and starting a classroom project.
Earth Day Every Day!
"Your connection to: Earth Day Events & Activities! Environmental Resources on the Internet!" Earth Day History, Earth Day Archives, Your Earth Day Plans, Event Ideas/Planning, The Earth Day Fund, and a Section of Links For Educators.
Earth Day at Kid's Domain
History, 'Adopt' a Rainforest Animal, What Can I Do? (a story), The Gift (a story), Coloring Pages, Word Searches, Crafts and Recipes, Learn About Our World, Clip Art, Reviews of Kid Science Programs, and Other Earth Day Sites and Ideas.
Earth Day On Your Block
A Guide for Kids From 2 to 122. Many activities and projects to celebrate Earth Day as well as links to other related sites.
EE-Link: Environmental Education on the Internet
Has a variety of projects and activities you can do to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom
Earth Day: Teacher's Lounge
Earth Day History, A Land Ethic, Migratory Max, Profiles in Conservation, Conservations With The Land, Founder's Message, Environmental Timeline, The Wilderness Society, and a Teacher's Kit.
Earth Island's Index of Projects
A collection of classroom projects on conservation and ecology
Earth Times
Daily coverage of environment, economic growth, business, population, human-rights, health, education, ecology, conservation, wildlife, trade, gender issues, science, and technology.
Ecology Links
Ecology links as well as collaborative projects to do with ecology and the ecosystem.
Tons of ecological information, and a section for educators.
Eco-Marketing Project
Uses a global market theme with students to promote writing, reading, artistic and critical thinking skills focussing on a concern for the environment, entrepreneurship, and awareness of the global community
" working to support ecological sustainability and environmental justice."
endangered animal slide show
Contains k-12 education resources, among other things relating to ecology. The on-line Environmental Community, focussing on current affairs, news, links and more.
Environmental News Service (ENS)
"daily international newswire service dedicated to late breaking environmental news. Independently published electronically since 1990, ENS presents the news in a fair and balanced manner, free of any business, industry or advocacy point of view. Cost-free."
International organization that teaches children how to solve and prevent environmental problems. This site has games and exhibits on such topics as recycling, endangered rainforests, and endangered whales.
The Evergreen Foundation
"The Evergreen Foundation aims to involve schools, communities, government and business in the process of transforming bleak asphalt, concrete and mown turf into healthier and more educational natural environments."
The Globe Program
"GLOBE students make environmental observations at or near their schools and report their data through the Internet. Scientists use GLOBE data in their research and provide feedback to the students to enrich their science education. Global images based on GLOBE student data are displayed on the World Wide Web, enabling students and other visitors to visualize the student environmental observations. "
Greenpeace Canada
"You say Greenpeace was born in Canada, eh? Greenpeace was born in 1971 when members of the Don't Make A Wave Committee in Vancouver, Canada, renamed their organization to better proclaim their purpose: to create a GREEN and PEACEful world."
Green Teacher: Home Page
"Green Teacher is a magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels. With fifty pages of ideas and activities, four times a year; we're not slick... just resource-full."
International wildlife coalition
Includes "a monthly review and status report of the world's endangered and threatened species" and ways that you can help them.
Kids F.A.C.E. Kids For A Clean Environment (Kids F.A.C.E.)
An international children's environmental organization with a current membership of 300,000 world-wide. Provides children with a forum and a resource to learn about, the world in which they live and express their concerns about global and environmental issues.
Preparing Teachers to Teach Kids About the Environment
Lesson plans related to environmental studies.
Rainforest Action Network
Rain forest resource, includes a Kids' Corner and a quiz.
Recycle City (EPA)
Provides information on recycling for kids.
Sierra Club
This site and organization promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions -- legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral. Has information on environmental strategies and general facts on forests, trees, and air.
Sierra Club Books for Children
Information about nature books for children.
Teacher Developed Lessons
Units, lessons, and activities based on the rain forest.
The Wild Ones
"an ever-growing network of over 20,000 children, teachers, and conservation professionals in 25 countries around the world. The Wild Ones provides students ages 7 to 14 with an international perspective, opportunities for cooperative science activities, and a positive outlook on their capacity as individuals to improve the prospects for endangered species. " Includes a newsletter.
WWF Kids Treehouse
Resources such as a complete list of Canada's Endangered Species and other Wildlife at Risk, fact sheets for many Canadian, and some international, species, and a link to the world's list of species at risk.
Youth for Environmental Sanity
Wildlife at Risk
See which wildlife species are presently at risk in Canada, as well as learn about their general biology, their habitat, factors that have caused their decline, and what is being done to save them. Info. provided by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
World Wildlife Fund: Canada
Information about WWF, related resources, and current campaigns. Also has a children's section. In English and French.
World Wildlife Fund: US
Information on endangered species, issues related to the environment, the Living Planed Campaign, and other WWF activities. Also includes activities for children.
The World of World Wildlife Fund
Links to the WWF organizations in different countries around the world from Canada to the United Kingdom.