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Bottlenose Dolphin
Seaworld fact sheet on bottlenose dolphins.
Dolphin Exhibits, Pictures, and Sounds (Furmansk)
The purpose of this site is "to provide an easy link to a variety of resources to aid in spreading knowledge about these magnificent creatures. But more importantly,...to demonstrate how little information there is out there, in hopes of motivating those who are intrested in dolphins to share what ever they know with this growing, collective consciousness.
The Dolphin Society
Photos and tons of facts about dolphins in the FAQ section.
Links to sites on dolphin species and dolphin studies.
Dolphins Around the World
Info. and photots on Bottlenose Dolphins, Dusky Dolphins, Steno (rough toothed) Dolphins, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Spotted dolphins, and Pink Dolphins.
Dolphins - The Oracles of the Sea
"This site is designed to be an interactive, educational introduction into the study of these majestic creatures." Dolphin information on Evolution & Taxonomy, Anatomy, Behaviour, and Human & Dolphin.
Julianna's Dolphin Page
Information and photos on a variety of dolphins as well as general info.