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Computer Virus Information

Anti-Virus at the Mining Co.
links, faq's, articles, downloads, reviews, and more.
Computer Virus Myths
"Learn about the myths, the hoaxes, the urban legends, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also see a list of virus hoaxes from A to Z."
Edinburgh University's PC virus page
read the yearly reviews.
Hartmann's Anti-Virus Site
download a demo version of the Perforin AntiVirus program
Henri Delger's Virus Help and Information
check out virus info, myths, or join his mailing list to keep up on the world of computer viruses.
This is an excellent site for finding, identifying, and cleaning viruses. Here you will find information on how to find a virus, step-by-step instructions on how to handle an infection, and how to disinfect the virus once found. There is a database of know viruses and a even a place to report viruses to prevent them from spreading. There are also links to the home pages of the major virus checking software makers.
IBM - Antivirus Online
Information about preventing computer viruses, virus alerts, hoax alerts, and safety on the internet.
ICSA - Information Security Magazine
"dedicated to the needs of all security-conscious professionals. By covering global news, technological advances and practical solutions to security problems, it serves as a key resource to IS managers, DR planners, EDP auditors and others working to increase security within organizations." in depth articles, product info., announcements...
Indianapolis University Computer Virus Research Centre
Virus FAQ, tutorial, glossary, list of viruses, how to choose anti-viral software, and more.
Mcafee Antivirus
Lots of information along with trial versions of McAfee Antivirus software.
Mac Virus
Includes Macintosh virus prevention information, tips, questions and answers.
Open University Anti-Virus Page
advice, updated info, hoax info, and more.
Oxford University Computing Services AV page
advice, alerts, info, etc.
Penn State Anti-Virus page
tons of info, software suggestions, and home to the virus mailing list (joining info at their site)
Sandrin Anti-Virus Connection
"SAVC brings you the latest in virus information, help, links, discussion, and downloadable anti-virus scanners."
Symantec Corporation (Norton AntiVirus)
This is the gateway to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center. Here you will find information on Norton AntiVirus and trial versions of the software along with tons of information on detecting and eradicating a virus.
Thomas Jefferson University's Virus Information page
a straight-forward examination and explanation of computer viruses, as well as hoaxes and other issues.
learn about their products or download a demo version of their AntiVirus software.
Virus Bulletin
"Virus Bulletin is the technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products"
Virus Research Unit
this site from the University of Tampere, Finland offers lots of info, as well as links to other resouces.
with over a thousand different AV Links updated weekly, this site is the AntiViral motherload.