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Comics & Cartooning

Art Studio
"What does a cartoonist do? How does he draw his cartoons? Well, here is a great place to find out. Welcome to the Art Studio, where a variety of activities can help keep you busy for hours. Learn to draw here, or simply have fun with your imagination!"
Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian
Comic-Book Art
A website based on an archival exhibition of the same title that was originally mounted at the National Archives' Canadian Museum of Caricature in 1992. Offers a revised version of the original exhibition narrative and features digital images of the items that were displayed at the Museum of Caricature. "Guardians of the North will have served its purpose if it encourages Canadians to remember their own superheroes and to celebrate the careers of the comics artists and writers who dared to offer us visions of a powerful, transcendent heroism that was uniquely Canadian. "
Ghost of the de Young Comic Book
Tour the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco through this interactive comic book.
Kid Comics
This site can be viewed in French, Dutch or English from this link. Join up and get everything comic related - clipart, posters, wallpaper and more.
Teachers' Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index
"Our site is a unique resource with the largest collection of newspaper editorial cartoons on the web --updating current cartoons from 54 newspaper editorial cartoonists... We have developed lesson plans for using the editorial cartoons as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels."