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50 Tips on the Classroom Management
An article by by Edward M. Hallowell, MD and John J. Ratey MD (c) 1992
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
"The Cambridge Center's mission is to help people find effective solutions to behavior problems. In essence, the Center is a connecting link between the research community and society, seeking to bridge this gap by sponsoring activities that disseminate and interpret behavioral research findings for the benefit of those in society whose problems involve human behavior-parents, teachers, doctors, counselors, judges, engineers, and corporate executives." Has research articles, related links, membership information, and more.
Classroom Management
Some advice on classroom management from Terri Sant's Homepage: A Homepage for New Math Teachers.
Discipline as a New Teacher
Darci Harland provides information concerning developing discipline as a rookie, issues of discipline, good discipline stories, and procedures from a new teacher's point of view.
The Honor Level System
Includes several useful articles about classroom management.
Jane Nelson's Positive Discipline
Information on her workshops and books.
Project PARA: Behavior Management
An online unit of study for paraeducators, but anyone can go through it to improve on explaining the purposes and philosophy of behavior management, planning and coordinating behavior management, group management strategies, and more.
Project PARA: Organization and Management of the Classroom
An online unit of study for paraeducators, but anyone can go through it to improve on maximizing the amount of learning in the classroom, minimizing the frequency of behavior problems, and creating a positive and safe environment.
Teacher Inservice & Training Educational Network (TITEN)
"This site has been developed primarily as a Classroom Management and Discipline resource for the teaching profession. Both preservice and inservice teachers have the opportunity to explore TITEN to find information that may be of help with their classroom management and discipline needs." You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter here.
Teaching Help
"This Web Site is designed to give specific advice, help, and direction for those who view teaching as a profession not just a job. The "Help Topics" have been gleaned from effective teachers who seem to get the most out of their students with low stress to themselves. Also, many of the "what to consider to do" come from the research, teacher training, and observations of Dr. Fred Jones in his two works, Positive Classroom Discipline and Positive Classroom Instruction and Dr. Madeline Hunter's work in Clinical Teaching and effective Lesson design."