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Misc. Civilizations in the Past

A to Z of Ancient Ireland

the Akkadian language- Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform texts
"These pages are about the cuneiform writing system on clay tablets, the language, the grammar. Some texts examples with transliteration and explanation are presented."
Ancient Maps (Cartographic Images)
Includes around 750 maps from 3,000 B.C. to 1700 A.D. arranged by historical period.
Ancient Peoples
Links to sites on the Aztecs, Anasazi, Mayas, Incas and Chinese Dynasties.
Ancient World Web Meta Index
Over 400 links to web sites dealing with ancient civilizations, arranged alphabetically.
Archaeological Adventure Glossary
A glossary of archeological terms.
Links to sites on petroglyphs, pictographs, prehistoric man, stones, digsites, famous archaeologists and careers in archaeology.
Byzantine and Islamic Worlds
Information about the history and art of these worlds.
Empires Beyond the Great Wall: the Heritage of Genghis
The art of Inner Mongolia, from the time of Genghis Khan.
The Encyclopaedia of the Celts
Based on quotations from literature, myth, legend, fiction and history.
Exploring Ancient Cultures
Informational resources on the ancient cultures of the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greeze, the Roman Empire, the Islamic World, and Medieval Europe.
Famous Places
Links to sites on ancient wonders, Stonehenge, the great wall of China, pyramids and lighthouse of Alexandria.
Forum Romanum
"Greetings weary time-traveler! You have found your way into the Forum Romanum, the center of ancient Roman society. Here you will discover the greatest civilization in the ancient world, lasting over 1200 years and governing lands in three continents. From a small farmers' village on the Tiber river to a great empire, the history of Rome is filled with glory and intrigue. Explore the Forum Romanum to experience Rome's past through its culture, religion, language, and much more." All this through a virtual tour.
Games of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
Infromation about the rules and the natural materials used to play these games.
History of the Celts
Info on: general history, ancient lands medieval lands, modern lands, modern Celts, modern Celtic languages, heroes, Gods and myths.

India - Ancient India

Tons of links to all aspects of Mesopotamian culture
Mysterious Places
Looks at sacred sites and ancient civilizations. Included are resources on Egypt, Easter Island, Chichen Itza, Ancient Americans, Stonehenge, and more.
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Lots of links and info. about the Seven Wonders.
Stonehenge; Gateway to the Realm
Presents, all the theories about Stonehenge's construction, a timeline of its construction, and other Stonehenge links.
Valley of the Ancients
Ancient Civilizations; Magic, Beliefs & Prophecies; Gods, Goddesses & Myth; Ancient Mysteries; and Gallery on Eliki.
Links to sites on Vikings in North American and Norse mythology