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Circulatory System

American Heart Association National Center
Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide, Family Health, Your Heart, Stroke, Science and Professional, News, and more.
Anatomy of the Heart
Information and facts on the anatomy of the heart.
Atlas of the Body - The Circulatory System
A diagram of the circulatory system as well as info. about its parts.
The Beating Heart/the circulatory system
"The purpose of this project was to supplement a unit on the circulatory system with information accessed through the Internet. Sites containing information about the circulatory system were preselected by the teacher and given to the students who were encouraged to explore the sites at their own pace. A worksheet was used to assist students and to provide feedback to the teacher."
Circulatory System
Function, organs, process, and a labeled diagram of the circulatory system.
The Circulatory System
Information and diagrams on the circulation process as well as the organs of the circulatory system.

The Circulatory System

Franklin Institute: Circulatory System
Information about the circulatory system as well as enrichment activities.
Franklin Institute: The Heart Preview Gallery
Students can explore the heart's development and structure, blood circulation, the history of the heart science, and health. Includes teaching resources, activities, and a glossary.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Information about heart disease and strokes, healthy eating habits, and includes a glossary of heart-related terms.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Research, Provincially Speaking, Test Your knowledge, What's New, Health News & Statistics, Heart Smart Kids, Food for the Heart, General Information Stroke Info, and A-Z Glossary.
The Heart Page
"This page will contain useful information on the heart. I hope to make it a place you can turn to for information in plain english. I'll include basic anatomy, function, and what happens when things go wrong. I'll also have sections on diagnostic testing and treatments. I'll be linking many of the words here to a glossary where you can find the definitions of the words and a more in depth explanation."
Heart Sounds: A Collection of Heart Sounds and Murmurs . . .
From the Heart Clinic site.
Heart Sounds - Synapse Publishing Inc.
A collection of heart sounds from hearts with murmurs, defects, etc..
The Human Circulatory System
Information on the functions and the organs of the circulatory system, includes photos. (Scenic Heights Elementary School and The University of West Florida Curriculum Project)
The Life Pump: Circulatory System
A diagram of the circulatory system and a few facts.
A Look Inside the Human Body: Circulatory System
"a closer look at the (circulatory system) of the Human Body and how (it) work(s). This information was designed to be used in conjunction with a Science unit for Year 3 and 4 on the Human Body."
MedMan: Circulatory System
Infromation, photos, and diagrams on the circulation process, circulatory organs, and circulatory problems.
Puget Sound Blood Center (PSBC) Home Page
Blood Drives, Donating, Education Resources, About Blood, Publications, Patient Care, Transplant, Research, Employment, About PSBC, and more.