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Bethany Roberts' Christmas Fun for Kids
This interactive site by children's author Bethany Roberts includes animated Christmas stories, legends, and poems, sing-along Christmas songs, jokes and riddles, games, recipes, tongue twisters, crafts and projects, a Santa Chat, and poetry-writing.
A searchable database of everything you wanted to know and do on Christmas.
Christmas around the world - Santas.Net
How Merry Christmas is said in different languages, plus how Christmas is celebrated in a variety of places from Alaska to the U.S..
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! from Not Just for Kids!
Java JukeBox, Santa Claus Links, Christmas Traditions, The Songs of the Season, Christmas Stories and Poems, Feasting for the Christmas Season, and Links.
Christmas Fun
Crafts, activities, music, and recipes.
Christmas In CyberSpace: A Christian Perspective
"Our mission is to illuminate the true meaning of Christmas. This site is designed to provide a strictly spiritual alternative to the commercialization of one of our faith's most sacred times."
Christmas on the Net
The Story of Christmas, The Story of Christmas, The Story of the Christ Child and Christmas, The Religious Meaning of Christmas, The Many Faces of Santa, The Christmas tree, The Christmas Stocking, Music, and more.
Christmas Time at Kid's Domain
Crafts, Holiday Graphics, Pictures to Color, Word Search Puzzles, Mazes, Books to Read, Christmas Music, and Christmas Links.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Page
Activities, history, clip art, carols, recipes, jokes, links, and much more.
Jerry's Christmas Wonderland
Christmas Jukebox, The Nativity, Symbols of the Season, and Christmas Links
Merry Christmas in over 100 languages
E-mail santa, Good and Bad List, Santa's list of most requested toys, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Songs and Carols, Christmas Events, and more.
Santa's Official Website
Very exhaustive site on Santa Clause, and Christmas. Indludes e-mail service to Santa.
Santa's Home Page
Send A Letter To Santa, Christmas Songs, and Christmas Trivia Holiday Recipes, and The Physics Of Santa
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Christmas
"Here is but a sampling of some of the many tales we associate with Christmas and the holiday season."
Welcome to A Christmas Celebration
Activities, clip art, recipes, how Christmas is celebrated around the world, music, decorating ideas, and more.