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Career Planning

About Work
"ultimate career community resource"
Canada WorkInfoNet
A community-based partnership of Canadian non-profit and private organizations and all levels of governments working together provides this metalist of information and services about careers and jobs. In French and English.
Canadian Environment Careers Resource Manual
To "inform and inspire Canadian young adults about the nature and diversity of environmental careers and the strategies for planning and maintaining such careers."
Careers in the Arts
Brief outlines of over 50 jobs related to work in the arts.
Careers In Computing
Links to articles that define the roles, futures and salary of a number of computing careers. Some of these include Computer Engineer, Systems Analysts, Programmers/Software Engineers, Technical Writers, Multimedia Developers, Interface Designers, Educators and Researchers.
Careers in Geography
Information on "Why Study Geography?", "Geography and Careers" and "The Variety of Geographic Fields."
Careers In Mathematics Project
The project consists of students taking on the role of opening a new department for people interested in careers using mathematics. As their first duty, students need to create a portfolio of the many different jobs using mathematics. Appropriate links are provided for the students' research. The students are to interview someone in the field and present their findings to the class.
Career Paths Online
Included are articles that will take students through the steps of career planning, information on trends and work styles of the "new economy", and information about specific career sectors.
Health Related Careers
Descriptions of about 40 career opportunities in the health sciences, including a description of the job, salary information, and training necessary for this career