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Canada - General History

Canada's National History Society On-line
View the historical journal The Beaver, among other resources.
Canadian Heritage - Harry Palmer Gallery of Photography and Digital Art
The galleries contain documentary art photographs and text of Canadian people and places.
Uvic History: Canadian History
historic images, information organized by historical topics, links to other related web sites, and links to over 100 historic documents organized chronologically
Chronology of Events in the History of Canadian Coins
Circulating and collector coins of the Province of Canada (1841-1867), the Dominion of Canada (1867-present), and pre-confederation coins and tokens (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc.).
Commemorating Canada's History
Pictures, trivial, timelines, and more to commemorate Canada's history.
CRB Foundation Heritage Project
"Our Heritage Learning Resources provide Canadian teachers with lively curriculum-based teaching tools to help make our past come alive for students at all grade levels. Through simulations, role playing and participatory exercises, students can walk in the shoes of people who made Canada." Also provides additional information to the "Heritage Minute" features and a kids section.
Discoverers Web
Links to www sites with information on voyages of exploration and discovery, including Canada.
The Heritage Post
A project by Heritage Canada to teach about postal stamps in Canada and history.
Highlights of Canadian Collections
"a broad survey of Canadian heritage represented in museums by collections of fine arts, ethnology, history, natural sciences, and archaeological sites. Twenty-nine museums have each selected 10 to 15 images from their collections and have provided a photograph of their institution. In addition to being used in this project, the images will be added to the National Inventories and to the Guide to Canadian Museums and Galleries."
Images Canada
Images Canada provides central search access to the over 65,000 images held on the websites of participating Canadian cultural institutions. Through Images Canada, you can find images of the Canadian events, people, places and things that collectively are our heritage.
Northwest Rebellion of 1885
"The purpose of this site is to improve access to materials relating to the Northwest Resistance of 1885 held by the Special Collections Department of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries and the University of Saskatchewan Archives". It contains a searchable database of bibliographic record, photos, and transcripts of historical documents.
RCMP Historical Highlights
A brief outline of significant dates in the history of the RCMP from the 1800's to today.