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Specific Biographies Sites

1492 : An Ongoing Voyage: Columbus
An exhibit at the Library of Congress that includes a historical information on Columbus himself.
Abraham Lincoln Online
Biographical information on Abraham Lincoln, as well as links to other historical sites, and a related bibliography.
Diefenbaker Web
"This site indexes any Diefenbaker-related material found online...This is NOT a page about Diefenbaker, the dog from Due South."
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Biographical and historical information about the time and the major and minor participants in the trip. Also includes the thoughts of leading historical experts about the meaning of the expedition, and its relevance to 21st century America.
The Mariners' Museum - James Cook
Information about the expert navigator and his journeys.
The Mariners' Museum - The Voyages of Jacques Cartier
Find out information about Jacques Cartier and his search for the passage to the Pacific.
The Mariners' Museum- Ferdinand Magellan
Information about Ferdinand Magellon, the first man to circumnavigate the world, and his explorations.
The Mariners' Museum - Sir Francis Drake
Information about the life and journeys of Sir Francis Drake, the second man to circumnavigate around the world.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Biographical information on Martin Luther King Jr.
The World of Ben Franklin
Biographical information on the scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, philosopher, musician, and economist Ben Franklin.