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British Columbia's Ministry of Forests Web Resources
Links to forestry related sites in British Columbia, Canada, United States and the World.
Canada's Boreal Forest
Information on the boreal or "northern" forest which starts in the Yukon Territory and spreads almost 1000 kilometers to Newfoundland.
Canadian Forests
"CANADIAN FORESTS is intended to facilitate access by Internet users to the growing number of sites that provide information on forests and forestry in Canada. It provides [annotated] links to provincial and federal goverment sites, as well as to industry, educational, research, consultants and many more."
Forest & Environment Education Home Page
The province of British Columbia posts information for teachers and students at this site. This information includes Education Resources and Electronic Publications for forestry and environmental issues.
ParkNet: National Park Service
Histories, cultures, places, education, services, and natural resources.
Smokey Bear
Learn about forest fires and how to prevent them.
Trees of the Pacific Northwest
Information on how to identify coniferous trees from the Pacific Northwest.
Woods of the World
A multimedia database on wood from around the world.
World Resources Institute: Forest Frontiers Initiative
List of links to forest and rainforest resources for the world, organized by the following regions: Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and Russia, North America, Oceania, and South America