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Links to to sites on bears in general, Polar bears, Black bears, Panda bears, Grizzly bears, other species of bears and organizations.
Bear Conservancy Organizations
Information on a number of the organizations around the world specifically and generally organized to assist in the conservation of bears within their native habitat.
Bear Den
An extensive collection of information about bears. Includes a section for kids, "Cub Den".
Bear Den News
The latest news stories on bears .
The Bear Den Photo Gallery
A variety of photographs of bears within their natural environment
"Dedicated to the preservation of accurate bear beliefs." Information about bear species, myths, and more.
Black Bear Facts
Black bear facts taken from a variety of Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources resources.
Books About Bears for Young Readers
A list of books on bears ecommended for young readers.
Brown Bears and Grizzly Bears
Information about their population and distribution, vital statistics, physical characteristics and much more.
Future for the Grizzly
learn facts about where and how these bears live, the environmental issues that have an impact on them, what to do if you should ever encounter one, and even "ask Dr. Grizz" questions.
North American Bear Centre
Visit their virtual bear exhibit and find out more about this groups work towards their goal to "enhance the understanding of the general public of the habits, needs and environment of bears in North America. Such understanding will be accomplished through educational out reach and by ongoing research. "
Pictures Galore: Polar Bears
A variety of photographs showing polar bears in their natural environment.
polar bear
Seaworld fact sheet on polar bears.
Polar Bears Alive
View the photographs of polar bears in their natural environment taken by photographer Dan Guravich, as well as read up on polar bear facts.