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Aviation: Planes, Paper Airplanes, Kites...

Canada's National Aviation Museum
A bilingual (French and English) site that has information and photos of hundreds of aircraft with historical and technical info on each. Also contains a glossary of related terms, a number of fun activities for kids, and "School Stuff" which explains the education programs at the museum and gives a number of lesson plan ideas.
From Windmills to Whirligigs
A unique science and art connection to wind with windmill-powered whirligigs
History of Kites in Japan and Other Parts of the World
a historical overview of kites from the earliest known models to the Japanese, European and American designs.
The National Air and Space Museum Web Site, Washington, DC
Soar Into Spring With Kites
Information about kites with curriculum ideas.
Alex's Paper Airplanes
Free clear instructions for making a wide range of fun paper aircraft. Learn to fly...
Boeing: Kids Page
Free printables of colouring pages, mazes, word games, cutouts, and dot to dots
The Wonder of Flight
A website on the Boeing site that simply exlpains how different things fly. This site also has a visual timeline of the important people who helped shape the history of flight.
NASA: Education
NASA educator features, articles, lesson, and more.
Plane Math
"a place to learn cool things about math and aeronautics"
Flights of Inspiration
Created by The Franklin Institute Science Museum and the Science Museum, London.