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Miscellaneous Visual Art Resources

ArtLex - dictionary of visual art
"definitions for more than 2,600 terms here, along with numerous illustrations, pronunciation notes, great quotations, and links to other resources on the Web. "
The @rt Room
Includes bibliographies of art books, exhibits of kids' art from different parts of the world, and facts about famous artists.
The Dictionary of Art
"art reference work covering all forms of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and decorative arts, and photography, from prehistory to the 1990s."
Drawing in One-Point Perspective
This site has over one hundred pages of animations and illustrations that introduce the principles of one-point perspective and provide step-by-step instructions for drawing objects in one-point perspective. This site shows how to draw a room, door, window, skylight, wood floor, ceiling, TV, bed and more.
International Kids' Space
A site for children to share their works of art, short stories, and music with others.
Mann Coloring Book Pages
Large collection of pictures to print out and color.
Marilyn's Imagination Factory
"creative ways to recycle by making art."
Okanagan University College: Fine Arts
Has a number of useful resources, including: Art History: A Preliminary Handbook; Important Moments in Canadian Art History; links to other web sites; and Words of Art: A Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts.
PBS Arts : Kids Resources
Includes: Colouring Pages, Music, Original Drawings, Projects and Crafts, and Stories
Women Artists in Canada
1,482 works of art by 131 women artists. Including mediums such as: ceramics, computer arts, fibre arts, glass and jewelry making, painting, printmaking, sculpture, video, and more.
World Wide Arts Resources
A resource list with over 3,000 categories including Artist Index, Galleries, Museums, Exhibitions, Commercial Arts, Arts Publications, Art Schools, Film, Literature, Theatre, Dance, Crafts, and more.
World Wide Webs
The world of string figures.