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Art History

A&E Biography
Includes a searchable and browsable online collection of 25,000 cross-referenced biographies.
Art History for Kids
Presents a weekly Internet project in which students act as Art Detectives, traveling to some of the major museums of the world searching for famous art works. Students learn about the artist, art work, and doing art, as they use clues to solve the puzzle.
Art History Resources on the Web
Links to historical artwork, organized within 4 periods, and then further within those periods.
Art History Lesson Plans
Links to a few dozen lessons varying from individual artists, to specific works of art, to artistic styles or periods.
Biographical Dictionary
More than 25,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. It can be searched by names, birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, miscellaneous achievements, and other keywords.
Eye on Art - Miles of Styles
Students tour through seven periods (Cave Painting, Byzantine Painting, The Renaissance, Flemish Painting, Impressionist Painting, Cubism & Beyond and Abstract Expressionism). Students examine a representative work of the period, answer questions, and then present their answers to their class.
History of Photography: From its Beginnings till the 1920's
A text-only look at some important figures in the development of photography, as well as information on some of the most significant processes, styles and movements used during the early days of photography.
Learning About Leonardo
"Arts driven resource exploring the mystery of the Mona Lisa. The site features original music composed by Leonardo da Vinci.There are a dozen da Vinci diversions to explore, multilingual musical postcards to create, an interactive quiz, and a multigenerational guestbook. See Leonardo's Bronze Horse and the Mona Lisa Bridge.The site is accessible to the hearing impaired and is viewable with any browser."
Leonardo: The Man, His Machines
Traces the life of Leonardo da Vinci and looks at all paintings, both by him, and erroneously attributed to him. It also studies in depth his designs for machines and provides an archive of over 300 hi-resolution images of him and his work.
Images of Medieval Art and Architecture
pictures of cathedrals, abbeys, parish churchs and castles in England and France. There are also maps of England over various time periods.
Impressionist Painters
some lessons about Monet and some more great links to sites about other impressionistic artists.
Mythology in Western Art
A collection of scanned images from various periods of Western art depicting the deities and heroes mentioned in Homer.
Okanagan University College: Fine Arts
Has a number of useful instructional resources, including: Art History: A Preliminary Handbook; Important Moments in Canadian Art History; links to other web sites; and Words of Art: A Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts.