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Arctic and Antarctic

Antarctica New Zealand: The New Zealand Antarctic Institute
Antarctic information on education resources, the environment and protection, science research, logistical and operational capability from the New Zealand Antarctic Institute.
Archaeology in Arctic North America
An overview of some archaeology research undertaken in the north, trying to understand the origins and migration of different Inuit-Eskimo groups. The site also examines the challenges of research in Canada's High Arctic regions.
Arctic Circle
Information on aspects of Alaska's Natural Resources, History and Culture, Social Equity and Environment Justice and more.
Arctic Dawn-- The Journeys of Samuel Hearne
This explorer's perspectives about his journeys, the animals, and the Native peoples he met.
Diving Under Antarctic Ice
Photographs taken during an photography expedition to Antarctica in late spring. The expedition was led by Norbert Wu, a professional underwater photographer and cinematographer.
Expedition Icebound
Read exerpts of Don and Margie McIntyre's logbook as they make the Antarctic their home for a year.
Inuit and Englishmen: The Nunavut Voyages of Martin Frobisher
Many photographs and historical paintings of the area, Inuit people, archeological sites, etc. Also has excerpts from logs written by Martin Frobisher's crew.
Shackelton's Voyage of Endurance
A NOVA Online website that beautifully covers Shackelton's expeditions, surviving Antarctica, the Antarctic islands, and Shackelton's diary. Also has classroom resources and information on the 1999-2000 NOVA expedition to Antarctica.
Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
Hypermedia exhibit which describes experiences on the Grand Antarctic Circumnavigation cruise of the MV Marco Polo, from January 26 through February 19, 1994.