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Museums and Archives

Alberta Museums
Links to, and descriptions of, many museums in Alberta.
Asian Civilizations Museum
"aims to focus on the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans." Also links to Southeast Asian, South Asian, East Asian, and West Asian/Islamic collections.
BC Archives Time Machine
"The purpose of the Time Machine is to provide accessibility to British Columbia historical documents, images, and other multimedia information in a format designed for school-age children. The British Columbia Archives website is a service which provides access to information about the Archives, its archival holdings, catalogues, other finding aids, and research library catalogue."
CHIN -- Guide to Canadian Museums
"The Guide to Canadian Museums and Galleries also links you directly to the Home Pages of participating museums and galleries."
Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada
"Displays a portion of the collection in its eight galleries. Six galleries describe the development of money through the past 2,500 years, each gallery focussing on a different phase."
Egyptian Museum
Take a virtual tours through the galleries of this museum and view, among many other things, artifacts from ancient Egypt.
The Exploratorium, San Francisco
"The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception with over 500 interactive "hands on" exhibits."
Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery, Library, Archives, Calgary AB
Includes online exhibitions.
Imperial War Museum
Information on both world wars, including personal diaries and more.
The Kyoto National Museum
Tour the virtual exhibits of The Kyoto National Museum of Japan Online
Library of Congress
Links to numerous online exhibits and many library resource references.
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature
Tour through their museum, planetarium, and science centre
The Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia
Some of their collections available for online viewing, as well this site contains ready-to-use student and teacher materials for a unit of study on the Chesapeake Bay and The Mariners' Museum Age of Exploration On-line Curriculum Guide. These materials address maritime discovery from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific.
Museum of Tolerance
"Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance is a high tech, hands-on experiential museum that focuses on two themes through unique interactive exhibits: the dynamics of racism and prejudice in America, and the history of the Holocaust..."
Museums of Russia
"An excellent site to start your tour through the Russian museums, cultures and art. Here you can find exhaustive information about Russian cultural life, museum sites with surround video, a large collection of paintings from museums of Russia and many others interesting things!"
Library and Archives Canada
Preserves Canada's archival heritage, and makes millions of records, including texts, photographs, films, maps, videos, books, paintings, prints and government files available to Canadians.
National Civil Rights Museum: Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of the Civil Right Movement.
National Palace Museum, Taipei
Site includes 3D virtual tour of selected items.
Nova Scotia Museum
View the following collections that are housed here: Mi'kmaq Portraits (661 portraits, photographs, paintings, drawings and rock art), Fossils of Nova Scotia, and East Coast Birds of Nova Scotia and The Maritimes.
Oriental Institute Virtual Museum
a showcase of Ancient Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Egyptian and Persian artifacts.
The Patan Museum, Nepal
Highlights of its collection of the art of Nepal.
Royal Albert Museum
Includes virtual exhibitions and educational resources.
Royal British Columbia Museum
Information and some images related to their exhibits on a variety of topics.
Royal Ontario Museum
Displays on-line exhibits and has education programs for all grades.
Scugog Shores Historical Museum
Take a virtual tour through the Scugog Township beginning in the early 1800's
Smithsonian Institute: National Museum of the American Indian
Notes on current exhibitions, research links, publications and more.
UBC - Museum of Anthropology
Online exhibits, First Nations Resources, more.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Learning about the Holocaust
Materials which can be used to learn more about the Holocaust. Included are: Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust Brief History of the Holocaust; Five Questions about the Holocaust; and Children and the Holocaust.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Presents the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history, and is a memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust. Includes online exhibits of art and photos.
Vatican Museums
View vast amounts of religious art.
Virtual Maritimes Museum
"Illustrates much of the early history of the Pacific Northwest. Populated with images from the museum's collection, we have focused on three major themes: Adventure, Exploration and Commerce."
Virtual Storehouse - Canadian Museum of Civilization.
View objects representing Canada's First Nations cultures, Canada's social and economic development, the arts and traditions of Canada's ethnic communities, and learn about the storage and preservation of these collections.

WebMuseum, Paris

Willow Bunch Museum and its celebrated historical figures
Take a virtual tour through this museum and learn about historical figures such as Jean-Louis Légaré, Giant Beaupré, Campagne, Charlie Skinner, and Sitting Bull.