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I Have a Car

by Dan Lukiv

I have a car, I have a car,
I have a car, I do;
It snorts and bangs
And rattles and clangs;
I have a car, I do.

One day when I drove too fast,
I could not be the one that's last.
Sheep did bleat and hens did cluck,
And pigs they hid themselves in muck.

I drove along Blueberry Lane;
I drove the farmers all insane.
One shook his fist to make me stop;
I hit the brakes and they went "flop."

Down a hill the motor roared;
We hit a rock and then we soared.
Cows did moo and ducks did quack;
We hit a tree and made a smack.

I had a car, I had a car,
I had a car, I did;
It banged and popped,
And then it stopped;
I had a car, I did.

Copyrighted © 2001 by Dan Lukiv.